Crowdfunding Can Bring to Light why Greenland is Melting Unusually Fast

Last summer all of the snow covering Greenland melted in just a few days, causing massive floods. Satellite images showed Greenland going from a mostly snow covered island into a dark rocky one. As Greenland loses more snow, it also receives more heat from the sun. Snow acts as a mirror, reflecting the sun's infrared rays back into space. As Greenland loses snow, it receives more heat, more snow melts and Greenland gets ever warmer. It's a feedback loop that makes the effects of global warming ever stronger.

This happened in just a few days.
Greenland's sudden melting wasn't just caused by temperature increases. Scientists think that the main culprit is soot from wildfires and industrial sources. The Dark Snow Project aims to find out exactly how much of this darkeing is caused by soot. All of it is funded by donations so if you have some extra money lying around, consider using it to fund some cool science.

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