"The Fighter"

So those, who have seen the biographical movie "The Fighter", which just won two Oscars, might remember how in the first part of the movie Christian Bale's character Dicky Eklund was followed by an HBO film team making a documentary about his life. I was completely surprised to find the real and actual documentary, that was shown in 1995, online and all I can say after seeing it is... wow. Watching that right after the movie and seeing the characters' real life counterparts was mind blowing. It made me realize just how true to life the movie was. Not only that but you see exactly what miserable lives the drug addicts that Dicky hung with had. It's just incredible and surreal to watch this and think that one day this guy will be played in a Hollywood movie by Christian Bale and his brother will be champion.

So if you liked the movie and you're interested in the people portrayed then check it out.

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