Uwingu Will Let You Directly Fund Science

Have you ever wanted to do more for space exploration? Do you think it's a shame that NASA's budget is getting constantly slashed? Even now after the great success of the Mars Science Laboratory landing, remember that there are still no plans to return to the Moon. So what can you do?

Uwingu ("sky" in Swahili) is a new project, founded by leading scientists who feel that space exploration is at a perilous situation. Their plan is to use the money to start a foundation for a private sector funding source for  all kinds of different space exploration projects. They will create and sell space-related videogames, software and merchandise and use the profits for space exploration.

Right now they need $75,000 to get the ball rolling but they hope that once the project is successfully launched, they will be able to eventually gather millions of dollars for space projects. Donators can also submit ideas and take part in deciding the goals of the project.

Below is a video with much more information.

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